Is your business located in Kirkland, Washington? Are you looking for business networking opportunities? The Eastside Networkers makes a great addition or alternative to other memberships like the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce, and service clubs like Rotary.  To join may require volunteer work which many busy business professionals don’t have time for. This is not a requirement
with us.

We exchange leads, ideas, and other information. This provides members with one of the most effective forms of marketing. You will build a network of peers who know all about you, your products and services. People much prefer doing business with friends than strangers. This provides an atmosphere of mutual support that helps us all to develop and promote our businesses.

Membership is limited to one representative per profession/business. This offers exclusivity for members and a quaint environment specifically geared to networking. A chamber of commerce or service club cannot offer exclusivity, and one is often in competition with other members. At Eastside Networkers you will not have direct competition within the group.

Although we are located in the City of Kirkland, membership is also open to businesses on the Eastside and Greater Seattle. The group meets every other Thursday morning at the Hector’s restaurant.  Welcome!